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Field Trips & Transportation

Early Childcare Education (ECE) and Before & After Students Programs

While transporting on excursions whether it is for field trips, van rides to and from school, all children are required to use safety belts.  Three or more staff members will be on the school van at all times with first aid kit, cellar phones, attendance sheets, parent/guardian(s) name(s), and emergency contact information.  There will be no more than 15 people in the school van at any time.

Summer Camp (ages: 5 to 12):

Summer events  consist of: skating swimming bowling, fun in the park, Children’s Museum of Denver, movies (for children), visit pet shops and more...

Annual Pre-school Continuation & Prom:

Agape's children and parents look forward to this is yearly event for the children who will be going to Kindergarden the next school year. These children have been learning to read and write and now they are off to Kindergarden.

We post our annual Prom video on youTube and the parents recieve a complimentary DVD.

Our Prom Videos:    2017   |  2016  |  2015  |  2014   |  2013   |  2012   |  2011   |  2010   


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